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Welcome to Bottle Tree Plantations

Authorised Propagators APQWO/0002/002868

We Specialise in the propagation, transplanting, marketing and distribution of Australian Bottle Trees (Brachychiton rupestris) and other Brachychiton family members.  Bottle Trees are one of the most dignified of all Australian Native Trees.  There are many photos on this site for your benefits that may take a few moments to download.  The pictures really show the uniqueness, the versatility and individuality of Bottle Trees.

We urge you to view the pictures of each page of this site and marvel at all the different shapes and sizes that display the uniqueness of bottle trees. The pictures do all the talking.

I am Doug Sowerbutts, the founder of Bottle Tree Plantations, my interest in Bottle Trees goes back to the early 90's when I use to travel to a property at Murgon in SE Queensland for a Christmas break and always marvelled at the sheer elegance and beauty of these magnificent trees in their natural habitat. My brother Ted and i grew a few trees in pots from seeds I collected at Murgon and later went on to grow the trees in larger quantities at Helidon, an hour west of Brisbane.

We offer expert advice on all aspects on Bottle Tree growing, care, landscape design, transplantation and export.  Please contact us anytime.

The bottle tree was propagated from seed and transplanted in May 2007 at the Botanical Gardens Sydney for literally thousands of people to see and enjoy over many generations.
A Supreme Feature Tree.

This beautiful Bottle Tree (above) was saved and transplanted from a mine site in Queensland to this spectacular location in the Sydney Botanic Gardens - November 2007.


bottle tree plantration

This shows a section of our propagated Bottle Trees in the main plantation growing healthily into individual and beautifully shaped trees.




  • Bottle Trees are the perfect feature tree for today's suburban block or acreage.

  • Are a Queensland native    

  • Grow to 4 to 9 metres maximum height in urban areas.  

  • Fast growth rates are being achieved.

  • Are very clean trees

  • Do not rob moisture in a lawn or garden bed

  • Are easily pruned - roots and canopy

  • Make stunning pot plants. 

  • Are easily re-located for mature trees

  • Phone: 0412 222 535  

  • E-mail:

  • Prices vary from $30.00 - $4000.00 each plus gst and freight.

  • Delivery to most places can be arranged.

Our plantation is located at
Helidon, (near Toowoomba) Queensland

I am able to supply Bottle Trees that include small seedlings 1-2m tall, juvenile trees 2-3 m tall, semi-mature trees 2-4m+ tall and mature trees to 10m tall. Price start at $35 to $135 for seedlings and juvenile trees, $250 to $1400 to $4000 and in between for semi-mature trees. Mature trees POA.

I prefer if possible that you visit the trees and choose your own, actually the Bottle trees chose you. If this is not possible I am happy to select for you. Contact me anytime with any queries…

Bottle Tree Care

We are always happy to answer any queries you have with growing and caring for Bottle Trees


Different Bottle Trees in a variety of locations

Check Out This Wonderful
Children's Story Book

The Adventures of the Bottle Tree Family

“The Beginning”

Written and Illustrated by

Pamela Skuse

The Bottle Tree family that lived on the hill were bored with their current, unexpressed, stationary lifestyle. Their life was monotonous and flat. They were tired of withstanding the elements that nature blew at them. They wanted to know more and they wanted to experience life fully - to walk and talk, to see new places and to create their desires and express their feelings. Little Benny Bottle Tree, the stunted Bonsai boy, was the pioneer of creating new potentials from his imagination. He imagined every potential that he desired to experience was like a soap bubble… He felt it deep within his heart, where he went beyond wishing, where he imagined that his idea, was real…and one day it came to be.

 After his first adventure of discovering the amazing beauty beyond Sapphire Mountain and meeting new animal friends, Benny went back home to share his adventures with his family. Soon Bert, Betty, Bella and Billy Bottle Tree went their own separate ways to discover a new world outside their mundane stationary lifestyle. What creative desires did each one choose to experience? Where did they go and what animal friends did they meet? After their individual adventures, the Bottle Tree family returned home, to Kangaroo Tail Creek, to share their discoveries around a camp fire. Whether they could ‘show and tell’ their discoveries or just ‘tell’ about their adventures, the Bottle Tree Family realised that experience is a wonderful teacher. And that is what the Bottle Tree Family had done, to experience life together in their majestic land.

The Adventures of the Bottle Tree family is a glorious illustrated storybook, with a fun glossary of all the animals, birds and wildflowers, set in the Australian countryside.

The book dimensions are 30cm x 21cm, (11.8in x 8.25in) and contains 30 pages

Purchase this Delightful Story Book Via Paypal - Postage Included





We are pleased to offer you beautiful photograph Posters of Bottle Trees found in there natural environment of mid to southern Queensland Australia. These photographs capture the real uniqueness, the individuality, wonderment and sheer beauty of this native Australian icon. Please click here for Bottle Tree Print details


Queensland Bottle Trees make a wonderful feature in a rockery above, as well as footpath features.
Older Bottle Trees 50+ years provides good shade and photo opportunities.

Near perfect bottle shaped trees add beauty to any landscape.
Recently planted trees in public places.

From the beauty of the bush to the beauty in the streets

Mature Trees
Mature trees may be available from time to time. Contact us any time to check availability.


Contact Details
Bottle Tree Plantations
PO Box 2867, 
Toowoomba. Qld. 4350 Australia.
Skype: dougs11
Mobile: 0412 222 535


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