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Bottle Tree Growth Characteristics

Exceptional Growth Rate:

The Bottle Trees we grow show an exceptional rate of growth and definitely much faster than in their natural habitat where there is little rainfall and poor low nutrient soil.

2007 2009

Example:  A 2 year-old tree with a trunk diameter of 80 mm planted in the front yard of 30 Albion St. Harris Park, Sydney in May 1998 now has a trunk diameter of 1050mm and is approximately 5-6 metres high.  We expect this fine specimen to continue to quickly 'bottle out' and not grow much taller until it is around 15 years of age and then to only around 6-7metres.

Here are some fine examples of trees with different shaped trunks in natural grass lands and rocky ridges as well as in cultivated environments

Will Grow Anywhere:

Will grow nearly anywhere as long as the site is reasonably well-drained.

How Much Area Do They Need To Grow In?

Generally a 3 square metre site, this will allow for a fine canopy to develop.  A smaller area is okay, but the canopy will need to be pruned, which promotes thick growth for excellent shade cover.

These Bottle Trees are all around 8 metres tall displaying a healthy dense canopy

Bottle Trees do no loose their leaves on a regular basis, and are irregular deciduous
the new young shoots are rusty pink that make a spectacular display


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