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Bottle Trees

As A Supreme Feature

Landscape Tree

  • Australian Native

  • Rare and Unique

  • Drought Resistant

  • Frost Tolerant

  • Easy and Fast Growing

  • Ideal for Transplanting

  • Ideal for Pruning

  • Suited to most of Australia

  • Ideal for you Home - Property - Company HQ - Factory - Hotel/Motel - Clubs - Schools 

  • Ideal for Church Yards - Parks or anywhere to create a spectacular feature.

  • Consider these impressive trees in your landscape plans be it as a single tree

  • Ideal for a landscape arrangement groups of 2,3,5,7,9 trees.

There is an every-increasing awareness in Australia of environmentally friendly activities to promote and protect native trees and shrubs.  This shows ups in the definite trends and movement to the planting of only Australian Native Trees by more and more individuals, councils, developers, companies and landscapers etc. The sales of Australian Native Trees are increasing at a very high rate and we believe this trend will continue for many years to come.  

The Queensland Bottle Tree has been used as a feature tree for a considerable time and is quickly gaining in popularity as people seek alternative to palm trees and other exotic trees.

The illustrations here show a range of locations where bottle trees have been used and show how they can be used to form spectacular features.  Landscape arrangements of 2-9 or more trees and other groupings make an impressive sight. Many of the trees shown have been transplanted ex farm or bush (not necessarily by ourselves)







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